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A selection of current sites I have designed and built for a wide range of clients

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David Humphreys Landscaping is a high-end, boutique company, small enough to provide customized  personal service and big enough to offer the complete range of landscape services. From design and installation through maintenance, pruning,  tree work and pest/disease control, their skill set also includes  specialty services such as stone and cement work and irrigation.

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Dave Cornell has been guiding inshore saltwater fishing tours since 1994, and specializes in shallow-water angling along the coastline of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Formerly a professional woodworker and home building contractor, Dave turned a life-long love of fishing into a business and is now heavily in demand as a guide. This is a makeover of one of my first sites. It make me want to take the day off and go fishing.

Started in 1962, Marshall Marine pioneered the design and production of traditional New England catboats in the then relatively new technology of fiberglass construction. This site replaces a first generation effort that had grown unwieldy with extensive, well organized information and resources for prospective buyers of new and used boats and a growing community of owners. It also takes advantage of Kristen Marshall’s excellent photography.

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The Huasteca, a sub domain of science writer Tom Gidwitz’s main site, highlights archeological efforts in northeast Mexico. The Huasteca region encompasses mountains, rivers, lagoons, a broad coastal plain, a diverse mix of indigenous people, and ancient ruins long forgotten. The site displays Tom’s skills as writer and photographer and his ability to collaborate with scientists in the field. Its design evolved from earlier work we had done together.

Sandra Ludlow is a practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine. Her site provides a flexible and cost-effective format for educating prospective and current patients about Chinese Medicine and her personalized approach as a practitioner. Visually striking, the site reflects her sense of design and color and sets a tone for her practice.

Tiverton Psychological Services offers comprehensive therapeutic services for children, adolescents, families, couples and individuals. The site is designed to give prospective clients and referring practitioners a strong sense of who the three partners are, their qualifications, and areas of focus. It makes particular use of photos and images evocative of the seaside village of Tiverton and its surroundings.

The Hero of Vesuvius was named 2006 Best Website by the Geoscience Information Society.

Tom Gidwitz’s site The Hero of Vesuvius tells the story of Frank Perret, a turn-of-the-century engineer who became one of the world’s leading volcanologists. The site combines text and images in an accessible format that allows visitors to learn about the history of Vesuvius and its violent 1906 eruption that brought Perret to the attention of the world. The site’s material is more comprehensive than the articles on Tom’s primary website, The Hero of Vesuvius stands alone, but both sites are linked to each other to present a full portfolio of Tom’s work. 

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Primary Care Partnership is a medical practice focusing on women's health. Developed as a more flexible, less expensive alternative to print media, the site is targeted primarily at existing and prospective patients. Major objectives of the site are to provide information about the practice, direct patients to reliable sources and health care information on the Web, and to provide an additional channel for communication. The practice uses the Web as an option for non-urgent communications and self-service.


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wTe is a technology-driven, value-added recycler of metals and plastics with a commitment to pioneering innovation in the field. For close to 30 years, wTe has invested in transformational technologies for recycling processes for metals and plastics, resulting in a positive, long-term impact to our environment.

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The mission of Our Sisters' School is to educate and inspire middle-school girls from the Greater New Bedford area to reach their full potential in a safe, supportive and challenging environment. Our Sisters' School provides a tuition-free, quality education and welcomes girls from diverse faiths, races and cultures to our unique learning environment. The site is a flexible resource for students, parents, faculty, staff, donors, and other non-profit organizations. 

Tom Gidwitz writes about earth sciences, oceanography, and archeology. The site highlights his work as an editor and photographer as well as his range of skills as a writer and his ability to collaborate with scientists in the field. From dramatic photos of lava flows on Mt. Etna to satellite pictures revealing Mayan temples hidden in the jungle, the site takes advantage of some of the rich graphic materials Tom has accumulated as part of his work. With well organized links, this is also an excellent waypoint for those doing research on the areas about which Tom writes. 

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Built in 1917, St. Aidan's is a summer chapel near the sea in Southeastern Massachusetts. From June through September, a distinguished roster of visiting clergy presides over services for a loyal group of summer and year-round residents. Looking to the future, the chapel's Standing Committee is interested in passing on this little-known jewel to the next generation of stewardship. The site is intended to show the simple beauty of the chapel and its gardens and to welcome anyone interested in attending services.

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